How ITSS made London Muslim Mosque survive the pandemic

The London Muslim Mosque NGO digitalized its activities through odoo by ITSS

The London Muslim Mosque is a registered charity organization in Ontario, Canada. It is a religious, educational organization with 40+ full-time employees, 50+ part-time employees, and hundreds of volunteers.

When the pandemic hit, the government of Ontario mandated a complete lockdown. Therefore, the organization completely lost most of its income sources. Regular donations usually amounted to $30,000 a month, and they were hoping to collect $350,000 with the fundraising event for Ramadan.

we turned Odoo eCommerce and Subscription apps into donation collection tools to cater to one-time and automatic recurring donations. Not only did the organization make up for the loss of income due to successive lockdowns but also still generates income to this day, even after things are back to normal, thanks to Odoo. The total donation collection amounts are now higher than before the pandemic.

In addition, we also installed the Email and Social Marketing apps to improve the organization's communications with its patrons and promote its services and donation collection.
Furthermore, when the Ontario government allowed religious services to resume but with restrictions on the total number of people within a closed space, we customized the Event app so people could reserve their spots by registering online and going through the COVID health check questionnaire. We met the health authorities' regulations by tracking attendees to the services and having the list available for contact tracing.

In summary, we will demonstrate how Odoo helped this organization to improve its communication, increase its income, and provide better and more organized services to its patrons.