Al Manar Project was delivered in Saudi Arabia

We are honored to deliver Al Manar Poultry Project in Saudi Arabia which consists of  50 enterprise users: – (Stores – Purchases – Sales – POS – Accounts – HR) We will briefly explain some of the challenges and problems facing the business: 

1-)Sales operations  – through the process of sale and distribution on a daily sales outlets and due to the lack of a complete ERP system and an increase in the number of drivers and delegates led to a mistake in the calculation of sales resulting in a large deficit. Solution: Our team of consultants and programmers can solve this problem by implementing the sales process electronically and linking the sales process to the entire ERP system.

2-)POS . Although the POS policy is based solely on cash sales due to the difficulty of using the sales process by the delegates within the system Solution: To make it easier for the delegates to do the sale of the term through the point of sale interface that did not allow the operations of the term before for ease of use

3-)Return Policy Which contain fresh products in the stores, therefore one store contains products with different production date Pricing policy varies according to production date Solution: We have a separate store with a pricing policy that matches the company’s pricing policy that matches the production date

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