Odoo 15

Odoo 15 added features

Odoo 15 is out! In addition to hundreds of incremental improvements, let me list down the disruptive changes that this release brings to the industry. From a project management point of view, I couldn't be more excited.

1.  Collaboration. Organize calls, video conferences and share your screen within Odoo while working collaboratively on any tasks, no matter your industry or the apps that you use. You can do it with fellow users, but also with clients and suppliers.

2. Point of sale. In addition to catching up with standard features and modern trends, the new PoS system is integrated with eCommerce and B2B sales flows, after-sale and repair services, ultimately providing a functioning omnichannel solution that automatically adjusts your stock levels and accounting.

3. Websitebuilder. Odoo combines the worlds of open-source (like WordPress, which is great but suffers from an outdated infrastructure), modern eCommerce (like Shopify, which doesn't provide omnichannel sales solutions and accounting integration) and advanced page builders (like SquareSpace / Wix which are the best builders in the world, but whose functions are limited to websites). Don't believe me? Try it out!

4. #Accounting. Odoo already provided excellent accounting solutions before version 15. For this new release, massive work has been done by our OCR team to help you scan legal documents (customer and vendor invoices) to reduce time spent on data encoding and post-processing.

Stop integrating your #ERPsoftware with other solutions. It takes time, money and is unstable on the long run. Try #Odoo 15, you won't be disappointed.