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ITSS is a leading IT company in the Middle East. The company specializes in providing multiple services to cover the increasing demand for digital transformation of companies by offering an integrated software package to meet the multiple needs of all types and sizes of companies.


We strive to be one-stop service provider to our customers and business partners, investors, industrial and commercial companies in the Arab and international countries to help economic growth through the transfer and management of knowledge to reach growth and wealth.


We are doing our perform Our mission is, as a company And individuals, are committed to the following values:

  • Excellence in performance
  • Staff Development
  • Team spirit
  • honesty and honesty.
  • Customer interest


To be the global leader in connecting investors with creators and building a new era of knowledge for future generations.

We Are a Gold Partner

About odoo

Odoo is a global provider of integrated enterprise software solutions. Odoo offers a suite of applications that are integrated with each other to link daily vital processes and provide an integrated solution that meets the needs of all sizes, types and sizes. After a global partnership that led to the Odoo program, an annual version is released Regularly odoo program, which contain innovative solutions to keep up with the latest challenges Alno. transformation updated and improved.